Setting My Intention


I love yoga

I suppose I am a self professed ‘Yogi’

At the beginning of every yoga session I like to take the time to set my intention for my practice; basically set my goals and my focus. So here as with yoga, I would like to set my intention for this blog…

I turned 29 this year (29 is totally the new 19 right!?) and it got me thinking about aging, and health, and beauty, and how I would like to enter my 30’s. My husband and I also decided that we were done having kids. (3 doesn’t seem like a big number until you’ve had 3 c-sections!) So with all that said I want to get fit, and healthy. I want to explore my interest in fashion and cosmetics. I want to become better physically, mentally, and spiritually, while juggling three silly little kids, and everything else life throws at me.

I hope to inspire stay at home moms, and women from every walk of life to take care of them selves as well as they take care of their loved ones.

I will be bringing you fashion and lifestyle ideas, tips, and tutorials, as well as product reviews, and anything else beauty and lifestyle related I can think of! I try to live my life as holistically as possible, and I hope that I can bring that to this blog.

I hope that you will join me on this journey and together we can become the best (and possibly the most fashionable) women we can be!

Yours truly

Sarah aka Mama

ps there will be lots of pretty pictures, supplied by myself and my wonderful husband! 🙂