Wide Foot Woes

I have a love hate relationship with shoes, more specifically high heels. I love them; I love how they look, I love how they can pull an outfit together, but my feet hate them. I have been cursed with a combination of my fathers wide flat feet and my mothers wonderful bunions, and at 29 I have been told by the podiatrist that my days of high heel wearing may have come to an end! Woe! Woe is me!

I don’t wear heels often, as a stay at home mom they are rarely part of my uniform and are saved for Sunday mornings at church, our monthly date nights, and of course weddings. A couple of weeks ago I wore a pair of black patent Clarks (probably the most sensible heels a girl can wear) to a cousins wedding, and I couldn’t walk properly for three days afterwords. I was in so much pain I thought I must have broken something in my foot. So alas I must agree with the podiatrist; I have to ditch the pumps. So now I am on a new adventure to find flats that are wide enough for my feet, stylish enough for a young(ish) fashionista, and that aren’t going to break the bank. A tall order I assure you!

I am now starting my shoe collection from scratch, and If you are a woman with wide feet like my self you know how hard it is to find a wide shoe that doesn’t look like something your great grandmother would wear. I checked every shoe store in my local area with no success, (apparently brands that make wide or C or D width versions of their shoes, don’t care to sell them here in Canada) but Winners came to the rescue with two pairs of shoes that could pass for dressy in a pinch, they won’t work with a dress, but they look great with a smart pair of slacks.  They also are not technically wide shoes, but they seem to fit a wider foot. I may have to embrace a more masculine aesthetic for a short time until I can purchase the dressy flats of my dreams. Thankfully I am having my foot problems in an age when wearing seemingly incongruent articles of clothing is all the rage, like wearing your adidas sneaks with a formal dress. I have yet to try such a pairing, but I will keep it in mind for a day when I really want to shock my grandmother.

So without further ado, these are the shoes I am able to wear now, my fall shoe wardrobe if you will.


My trusty Dr. Martens in a cherry red; I bought the men’s version rather than the women’s, because they always fit a little wider. I did the same with my classic Superstar Adidas sneakers, which you are supposed to be able to wear with anything these days. The two pairs I purchased from Winners were these red booties from Cape Robbin, and these pewter oxfords  from White Mountain, which came with ribbon laces as well as a second pair of waxed string laces. I got a great deal at Winners, but these are not expensive shoes even at full price.

I make them even more comfortable with my trusty orthotics, however they don’t fit in all my shoes, so I use Dr. Scholl’s For Her hidden arch supports (which make all shoes feel like quality even when they are not) and I wear my (very sexy) Bunion Bootie on most days as well. Ahh the glamorous life of a wide footed lass.

These are the shoes I would like to purchase in the near future, as soon as I can make it to a Nordstrom.The Nordstrom website seems to have a great selection of wide fitting shoes, but I really need to try them on. I love online shopping, but not in this department. One day I would also love to design my own custom Adidas Superstars. If you go to the Adidas website they have quite a few shoe styles that you can customize, and they have some really great options, including the option to monogram your shoes!

Do you struggle with any of these foot woes? Let me know where you shop, and how you keep those tootsies fashionable and comfortable! I would love to hear from you!