Review of The Curl Ambassadors, and My First Curly Haircut!

I needed a haircut….badly. My hair was getting long and hard to manage, and was knotting so quickly. I was also (and still am) experiencing the lovely post-partum hair loss that so many women deal with. With my hair being so very long I was clogging the drain every time I had a shower….not pretty! I had heard about the DevaCut through one of the YouTubers that I follow (I can’t remember which one now). a DevaCut is a method of cutting hair that caters specifically to those with curly and wavy hair. The term was coined my Lorraine Massey who wrote “Curly Girl: The Handbook” which I mentioned in my last post. So I started doing a little googling to find someone in my area who might offer such a service, and up popped The Curl Ambassadors. They are not technically a DevaChan salon (the salon that offers DevaCuts), but they offer a very similar service which they call their ‘Dry-Cut Curly’ which is just like it sounds; they cut your hair dry, curl by curl to get the best shape and bounce for your unique curl pattern.

I quickly sent them an appointment request, and they got back to me within 24 hours with my appointment day and time. I really liked that I could correspond through e-mail; phone calls are not easy things when you have four little people vying for your attention. I made my appointment at The Curl Ambassador salon in Pickering, it was the closest one for me, however they have two other locations as well, in Toronto, and in Vaughan.

So now for my review of my haircut: I think it was good, maybe not the very best haircut I have ever had in my life, but good. My hairstylist was very knowledgeable and she was more than willing to answer any and all questions that I had about the curly girl method. They also use only curly girl approved products in their salon, which is wonderful. Your hair is cut dry, and they wash your hair afterwords, and then style it. After styling they continue to shape up any bits that look out of place. It was quite an expensive hair cut at about $120 after tax and tip, however there was a lot more that went into the washing and styling process than you would probably get at your average salon. You can see some before and after photos of my hair below, sorry that they are not the best photos, it was dark by the time I headed out for my appointment.


As you can see my stylist definitely managed to bring out the wave and curl in my hair, and it is far more manageable now.

I would say that if you have truly curly or coily hair this is totally the place for you. They will give you the best cut that you can get for your hair type. However I am not sure that I truly need to get my hair cut at this type of salon with my 2B waves; but it was a great experience and It was worth going at least the one time to gain a few tips and tricks for making my hair curl it’s best.

What do you think of my haircut?

Do you think this kind of haircut is something you would try? Let me know in the comments!!

XO Mama